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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review--YANKEE IN ATLANTA by Jocelyn Green (1 free book)

Civil War novels at their best--what Jocelyn Green excels in. The research this author put into her work is phenomenal. The situation in Atlanta while Sherman systematically destroyed the city is brought to life in black and white, and if you like that time period I think you will love this book. Don't worry--there is a happy ending.

All Caitlin McKae really wants to do is find Jack. She'd left him on the battlefield, and she didn't know if he were dead or alive. It wasn't like she left him on purpose. Disguised as a soldier, she'd fought alongside him. When she was wounded and out cold, someone found her and assumed the rebel coat wrapped around her bleeding arm meant she was a southern sympathiser despite her Irish accent.

They took her to Atlanta, and she found herself teaching at a school--which was promptly shut down because they needed the building for a hospital. Now what? Her next option would be...what? When southern gentleman Noah Becker offers her a home in return for teaching and caring for his little girl, it seems her only option.

To the north, in New York City, widow Ruby O'Flannery cares for her one-year-old boy and sews dresses for the wealthy ladies in town. Edward Goodrich, a man with a pastorate in his future, seems more interested in Ruby than in the Bible studies they do. He might not be so interested in her if he knew....

Oh, but I'm not going to give away these ladies' stories! You must go buy your own copy immediately--Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Christian Book Distributors.

Jocelyn Green is offering one book to a commenter, and I'll draw a name next Thursday, but if you don't hear from me on Friday--hurry to the nearest book seller! You don't want to miss out on reading this one.
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