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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review--NEW BEGINNINGS by Sue Badeau

Sue Badeau has done it again. The mystery at Loonstone Lake continues, new friendships begin, relationships evolve. I'm really enjoying this series.

There are flashbacks to 1974, the year the Loon's Nest campground had mysteriously and suddenly shut down. Then we return to 2014 and celebrate the return of the once-popular campground. Luanne, a twelve-year-old in 1974, instigates reopening the camp with her husband Frank.

A curious local reporter wants to do a news article on on the camp--but he wants to include gossip and facts about that old mystery. Louanne isn't too sure she wants that notoriety feeding into the promotion. She's uneasy, especially when she gets an anonymous letter threatening to reveal an old scandal if the camp isn't again shut down within two weeks.

You can purchase this delightful short story from Amazon for just 99 cents. I think you'll agree it's worth the price.
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