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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review--BLACK CAT'S LEGACY by Elaine Faber

This is a cute breakout novel by a sweet friend of mine. I'm giving it three stars, but would have given it four except that I'm an old fuddy-duddy. I don't like swearing, and this one has some sprinkled here and there. This one would be classified as edgy Christian fiction.

It almost seemed like fate, that emergency side trip into Fern Lake. Kimberlee stops there only because her little girl, Amber, has declared, as four-year-olds do when you are miles from the nearest rest stop, that she needs to use the bathroom. And then, there is that ominous clunk clunk coming from the car. No choice. Kimberlee had to stop.

What is there about the name of this village that twitches the edge of her memory?

When she gets there, she finds out Fern Lake is where her father died when she was three or four. There has always been a mystery surrounding that death. It might take Kimberlee's nightmares, a curious cat with interesting memories, and the prying of a mystery writer to solve this puzzling old crime.

Black Cat's Legacy is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in ebook or paperback.
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