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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review--THE BEST MAN'S SECRET by Gail Sattler

I love a good romantic suspense, don't you? This one is romantic suspense at its best, and it is clean and inspirational to boot.

Dave Ducharme is in a hurry--he needs to keep a minimum amount of cash on him, but somehow he's let that cache get depleted.  Against his better judgment and wishes, he finds he must stop at a bank on his way to his best friend's wedding. There he holds the door for an attractive blonde woman.

Ashley Kruger is also in a hurry, but she can't help but notice the handsome guy who opens the door for her. He's dressed in a tux--must be on his way to a wedding.

Dave's thoughts are interrupted by the man who robs the bank. The way he's waving that gun around, someone's going to get hurt. Dave feels the familiar surge of adrenalyn which only escalates when the robber decides to hold the pretty blonde lady as his hostage and decides Dave will drive the getaway car.

When the thief shoots Ashley in the leg, he knows he has to help the young woman. He knows the agony she will go through. Dave fears his hope for anonymity is shot down, but he feels it is his fault she is injured. He must help, even if his secret is revealed.

Okay--it's up to you now. If you want to know the rest of the story, go to Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, or Barnes and Noble for your copy.

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