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Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Release--A MOTHER'S DAY TO REMEMBER by Anne Baxter Campbell

On this special day, most of us remember our mothers with flowers or jewelry or get-togethers, and lots of hugs. Then there are those of us who can only remember the Mother's Day get-togethers with Mom and look forward to the time in heaven when we will be forever together.

Teenager Jillian is back. The main character of Once Upon A Christmas Eve (by Anne Baxter Campbell, released December 2013) has been trying hard to live by what God wants her to since being confronted before Christmas. But when her mother announces they need to drastically cut their spending in order to pay their bills, Jillian feels a little panicky. How will she be able to buy a Mother's Day gift for her mom?

Add to that the announcement that her grandmother has cancer and doesn't want to take chemo or radiation, and this Mother's Day is shaping up to be a holiday no one wants to remember. Or will they?

A Mother's Day to Remember is available at Amazon for only 99 cents in Kindle format. And if you leave a message below with your email by May 18
, one of you will win a free copy.
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