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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review--HER WHOLE SELF by Tracy Wainwright

Jen has been jilted by her fiance' and deserted by her best friend and roommate in one short evening. Even though her roomie had an undeniable need to return to her parent's home (to help care for an incapacitated father), that doesn't help Jen's pocketbook or her heart.

Loneliness and a tight budget drive Jen to seek the company of an old college acquaintance, Marla, and the free movie and eats at her church. Not that Jen believes in God. But there she sees this incredibly good-looking guy, Barrett. While she questions herself over checking out a good-looking guy so soon after breaking up with Ian, she finds herself roped into going to church with Marla. And Barrett.

Where will these new relationships take her? And how will that help her financial situation?

You can find out if you go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and purchase this sweet inspirational romance!

Tracy Wainwright and her business partner are setting up a new website,, the purpose of which will be to market clean books for children and adults. Right now it's just in the process of being set up, but soon it will be running like wildfire! Meanwhile, you can connect with them on Twitter ( and on Facebook (

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