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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holy Week--Tuesday before Easter

During His last week, Jesus was in the temple watching those who came to make their offerings and pay their tithes. According to tradition, there were thirteen boxes in the Court of Women with trumpet-shaped metal horns on top where people put sin offerings, temple tax, and other offerings--some for specific things and some unspecified.

The Bible doesn't say which box the widow put her small offering--just that she put only two mites (the bronze prutah--the smallest of coins and worth the least of any Jewish coin) into the coffer. Others had put great amounts in from their wealth, but Jesus said this widow gave everything she had.

Does that remind you of something? Maybe that Jesus gave all that He had?

In this week, Jesus Jesus would pour out all of himself for us. Did He think about that as He watched this poor woman give the last cent she had to the Lord? An incredible sacrifice, don't you agree?

My heart fills with awe as I wonder at this widow who gave it all. Even more, I am filled with awe because of Jesus and the sacrifice He made.

During Lent, I give up something for the love of God, just to let Him know I love Him more than whatever it is I'm giving up. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because I want whatever it is so much. And then I remember--He gave up everything. For thirty-three years, He gave up His throne, His place at God's right hand...and finally He would give up His life in the most horrendous way the Romans could imagine.

Did His stomach twist with dread for what lay ahead, beginning only two days from Tuesday?
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