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Monday, April 14, 2014

Holy Week--Monday before Easter

Jesus draws closer to His death on the cross, His disciples blissfully unaware of the coming torment and terrors. Monday might have been the day when Jesus entered the temple and sealed his fate by by clearing the Court of Gentiles. He called the temple sacrifice vendors and money changers robbers, knowing the priests took a cut of the merchants' profits. He was angry--furious!--that these people made His Father's house into a smelly barnyard filled with corruption.

That did it. The Sadducees and Pharisees buried their own grievances with each other and set out unified at last to rid themselves of this Man who stole the Jew's affection and respect. They set out to kill Him, seeking out the weak link in his disciples.

Did Jesus know what He had done? How could He not? He knew. It was all part of The Plan.

Did He feel frightened on Monday along with the anger? Did it sadden Him to know these leaders would plan His death and perhaps by doing so seal their own fates? At the same time He railed against their hypocrisy, did he inwardly wish they would repent of this crime against God and man?

I think He did. I believe His heart breaks with every heart that refuses, rejects, or ignores His gift. He offers it so freely to every living soul. "Here--take My life, My way, My truth into your heart. Follow Me. Love Me as I love you. I will forgive every sin, great or small, just for the repentance and turning away from it. Come to Me, and learn of me. I offer you love in return for love. Forgiveness in return for forgiveness. Grace for grace. It is free for the asking."
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