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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review--MARRIAGE TAKES THREE by G.E. Hamlin (1 free book)

This is a new book by a new author, but the events in it are timely and realistic. It's a novel that might shed some new light on situations that have gone on for centuries. A recovering alcoholic, his wife--and his wife's old sweetheart.

Angry arguments between spouses are nothing new--if you are married, you know what I mean. They happen. Randall Connor isn't willing to give an inch. Randall wants Jack (aka J.J. Collins, country music star) out of their lives. Randall is a new Christian, and he wants his wife and son to follow his lead.

Darla wants a peaceful marriage with someone who will act loverly. Jack uses all those flowery phrases she loves. If only Randall would wise up. He should stop all the constant jealous arguing, quit pushing her into going to church, and ease up on Jack. Jack means no harm.

Or does he?

You can find out by clicking on this AMAZON link and purchasing your own copy. Or leave your email below in a comment by April 9 to be entered to win a free copy.
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