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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review--IN HONOR BOUND (THE CHASTELAINE TRILOGY) by Deanna Julie Dodson

If you like adventure, romance, and regency-type books, I think you will love this one. I'd recommend it to anyone (guys or gals) from age sixteen up. It's a clean inspirational romance that will keep you reading past your bedtime. I know, it's a book released several years ago, but it is great.

For Rosalynde of Westered, it was love at first sight. Philip of Chastelaines's heaven-blue eyes captured her at the age of fifteen and would never let her go. Philip, on the other hand, has been assigned by his father the duty of entertaining his host's daughter, and he does for those few days the families spend on the Westered's land, further cementing Rosalynde's devotion.

But Philip later discovers his own heart's love rests on a servant girl, much to his father's dismay. As newly crowned king, he intends to wed his three sons to royalty only, and he rids his son of this servant girl by declaring her a witch and having her burned at the stake. Not the smart method to gain your son's compliance with your wishes, King.

You can buy this entrancing book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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