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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This first volume in the Summer in Sweetland Series is written by me and edited by my dear friend and much more experienced writer Kathi Macias.

Sweetland is a pretty typical small town in a warmer part of the US--you pick what state. The old, established town has a population of around 3500, and most of the long-time residents know each other. That doesn't stop the usual problems from cropping up.

The problem in the Smith household is that Shellie is worried about her mother (who is still seriously depressed over her husband's death two years ago), about the relationship between her sister and brother (who still haven't made up after an argument five years previous), and about her doctor boyfriend (who hasn't proposed). Shellie has invited them all for Mother's Day dinner, and she wants it to be a happy time for her mother (unlikely) and a reconciliation time for her siblings (hah!).

Shellie has only two weeks to mend the rifts and the rips. Much prayer is needed. And maybe a referee.

Oh--and this short story is accompanied by five great recipes that have been in our family for a while.

You can currently find Mended by Mother's Day at Amazon, and eventually it will also be on Barnes and Noble and

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