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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Review--THE SINGING QUILT by Kathi Macias (2 free books offered)

This is another in the Quilts of Love Series. Kathi Macias weaves a skillful tale, and I love this one about an older woman who befriends a young one.

Jolissa is a young woman, an orphan, living with a verbally abusive paraplegic uncle. His constant criticism of her and her severe stutter has her convinced she can do nothing right. Her employer at the laundry where she works regretfully informs her he must cut her hours in half--now her tio will be mad that she can't give him more to meet the bills.

On an impulse, she enters a little church. There she meets an older woman, Eva Pedrosa, who tells stories about a quilt she has. In the stories about Fanny Crosby the young woman learns about another young woman who overcomes what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. Soon Jolissa is calling her new friend Abuela (Spanish for grandmother). With the encouragement Jolissa receives from her new abuela, will she begin to discover a little confidence in herself and in her God?

The Singing Quilt is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both ebook and paperback format. In addition Kathi Macias is offering one book to a couple of people who leave a comment on this blog by March 27. In the US, she's offering one ebook or one paperback--be sure you tell which you prefer. If you live outside the US, you are eligible to win the ebook only. ONE FINAL INSTRUCTION! Give us your email so we know where to notify you.

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