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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review--A DOZEN APOLOGIES by a dozen authors listed below (free book offered)

Authors listed in alphabetical order: Jerusha Agen, Theresa Anderson, Patricia M. Dyer, Jennifer Hallmark, Paulette Harris, Marji Laine, Fay Lamb, Elizabeth Noyes, Betty Owens, Phee Paradise, Debbie Roome, and Debra Ullrick.

Have you ever wanted to watch some uppity female get her comeuppance? Well, then, you just might like this book.

Mara Adkins has just been fired, hung on her own petard. Pretty, talented Mara was the one who was famous about stringing the guys along and dumping them in the most ignominous was possible. Now it's her own supposed boyfriend who steals her fashion designs and then not only dumps her but fires her as well.

Mara crawls back home to lick her wounds, and the parents she expected to scream at her instead welcome her back with open arms and love. It seems while she's been away, they went and found the Lord. Curious, she goes with them to church, and you guessed it, she gets saved.

Just being sorry for all those dozen guys she had dumped and embarassed wasn't enough. The Lord let her know she would have to personally apologize for her actions. Twelve pieces of humble pie coming up.

You really should read this one--I know you'll like it. It's available in e-book format from Amazon. Fay Lamb, one of the authors, has graciously offered an e-book to one person commenting below. Be sure to leave a way to contact you, preferably your e-mail.
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