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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book Review--A WOMAN RESURRECTED by CeCe Cervantes

This is not a book I would recommend to everyone. However, if you have toyed with the occult, you might want to buy A Woman Resurrected. For me, it was a deeply disturbing read. The brutal honesty in is something that would help one who thinks the occult is innocent fun--before they wind up where CeCe Cervantes did.

Cecilia (or CeCe, as she prefers to be called) Cervantes was a child born into a very poor, very large family, one who for some reason was singled out from her siblings to be the family slave. From a very early age, she was forced to clean the house, scrub the laundry by hand, and pick up after the rest of the family. None of the other children were required to do so. If she protested, she was beaten.

At age eighteen, CeCe became attracted to a young man who seduced her. When she became pregnant, he married her. However, he made it clear he didn't love her and soon began abusing her. Within a few years (and after having four young daughters), he told her to get out, and he wouldn't let her have the children.

Soon after, she was drugged and became the prisoner of a vicious man who was involved in a cult called Santeria. For over four years, she was starved, beaten, and left to live in her own excrement as this man used her in his worship of Holy Death. CeCe's escape and recovery were nothing short of miraculous.

A Woman Resurrected is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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