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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review--THE THIEF by Stephanie Landsem

If you enjoy Biblical fiction, you should add this to your collection. Stephanie Landsem is not only a talented writer, but she obviously has spent nearly as much time in research as in writing. This book is excellent.

The Mouse and a Greek thief have been stealing the rich citizens of and visitors to Jerusalem blind. Everyone assumes the mouse is a young boy, but the ragged, dirty clothes and skin hide a lovely young woman, Nissa. Nissa doesn't like being a thief, but how can she otherwise support her blind brother, a drunken mother, and a gambling father? No one else brings in any money or provides food for them, other than the few coins her brother begs.

Longinus is a Roman centurion obsessed with capturing the Mouse and the Greek. In a rash moment, he makes a wager with another centurion, Silvanus. He will capture the two robbers by the Jew's holiday called Passover. If Longinus wins, he wins a transfer to Gaul, his homeland. If Silvanus wins, he wins Longinus's sword, the sword inherited from his father. No way is Longinus going to allow that pompous, cruel man to win his precious sword.

Nissa and Longinus meet when the centurion's horse nearly runs over her and Cedron, her brother. But you and I know this chance meeting won't be their last, don't we?

You really need to make a dash to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to get this book. Or take a chance on winning a copy by leaving your email in a comment on this blog by March 5. But if you don't hear from me on March 6, definitely click on your favorite bookstore!
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