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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 This book warmed my heart with a subject near and dear to my heart--the right of a baby to be born instead of aborted. Sharon is a wonderful writer, and this book is woven into such a beautiful story.
Diana Kensington, a teacher at a Christian school, measures her life by the number of days it's been since her husband had been killed in a plane crash. On the other hand, Scottlyn Rich, 16-year-old rape victim, measures hers by the number of months after her baby is born that she'll have a roof over her head. When God brings them together, neither of them has an inkling how far He will take them.
You can get For Mercie's Sake from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble has it free--at least right now. At Amazon it is only 99 cents. I'm thinking we can afford this, right?


  1. Anne, what a nice surprise. Thanks for posting about my book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I hope your readers will as well.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. And I am positive they will love it!


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