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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Sermonette--Stand Back and Watch!

I started to write a different sermonette for today, but I just saved and closed it. Why? Because I think God is saying something to me...and just maybe to you.

I think He is saying, "Stand back and watch what I can do."

California is in the middle of a drought. We just finished December with the dryest year on record. We have had 80 degree weather IN JANUARY! We're setting one record after the other: highest temps one day after the other; most days with no rain; most days of sunshine; and of course, dryest year, and dryest rainy season.

Is ignoring the sheer clear weather forcast what God means by "watch what I can do?"

I have friends who within the last few days have been diagnosed with cancer. Another friend who is suffering ongoing incredible pain from an accident years ago. Still another who would love to have just one day where she didn't feel too weary to move. Another who has something that has horribly interrupted her life and the doctors don't have a clue what. Will their suffering be suddenly ended with excellent health?

I have to tell you, I'm excited. I love it when God goes into visible action. Go gettum, God! Point me where you want me. Lead me in my prayers. The greatest gift You could give me, Lord, is to let me be a vessel for Your use and for Your glory. Amen and Amen!
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