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Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review--EMBRACE THE MORNING by Patti J. Smith

This devotional is principally for Roman Catholics and those who are interested in Catholicism. I also found it interesting and inspiring, even though I'm not Catholic. Patti J. Smith's love for God and people comes through loud and clear.

Each devo is a rosary meditation. The first section is "The Joyful Mysteries," followed by sections on "The Luminous Mysteries," "The Sorrowful Mysteries," "The Glorious Mysteries," and a last section on "How to Pray the Rosary."

I love the prayer on the first day: "Jesus, self-will runs riot in my life. It is so easy to take the reins myself thinking I am in control. Keep me ever mindful that you would never lead me astray, that you love me and want only what is best for my life."

Embrace the Morning, Rosary Meditations to Calm the Storm is available from Amazon for only 99 cents.
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