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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review--LUCY'S MANSION by Deanne Durrett

This is the second in the series Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill by Deanne Durrett. The first was Rogue Trust, and you can read that review by clicking HERE. Both are awesome books.

Becca McGee, a young widow with a precocious twelve-year-old daughter has accepted an enormous inheritance with awesome potential from someone she never knew. With a part of it, she purchased a huge historic mansion to be used as a home for battered women.

In this novel, Becca is trying to foil two women who are attempting to block the zoning that would allow the mansion to be used as temporary shelter for these needy women and their children. She's also trying to figure out her feelings for JT Harrison and why those winks and extra attention from a car salesman are making her feel so flustered.

Her feelings for either man are totally beside the point anyway, because Amy K (her daughter) constantly tells her, "Second marriages are bad for kids." Unless she can figure out her daughter's objections, though, she can only meet her date surreptitiously.

This delightful novel can be purchased from Amazon in ebook format.


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