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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Author Interview--June Foster

Anne: Our interview this morning is with June Fostor, my dear ACFW buddy. She is one of the sweetest persons who ever walked the face of this earth, and her loving nature always comes out in her books and in conversations. She's the author of the book I reviewed yesterday called Ryan's Father. To read that review, click HERE.

June, what inspired Ryan's Father?

June: When I write my novels, I want to entertain but at the same time communicate an important truth the Lord sets forth in the Bible. In Ryan's Father, Ryan is a young Christian teacher who grew up with no father and a less than moral mother. He begins to realize he doesn't have an attraction to women and eventually must admit he struggles with same sex attraction. The story tells Ryan's journey in dealing with the sin of homosexuality. I have a person in my family who is openly gay. But Ryan's story was inspired by a precious young Christian teen, friend of my daughter's in high school, who confided in me that he felt attraction to another boy in our church.

Anne: Was this book harder to write than your others? How so or why not?

June: Yes, most definitely harder. Ryan's Father was the second book I'd ever written so I was definitely still a novice. Too, Ryan is a homosexual male and since I'm a heterosexual female, I had to learn to think like Ryan. I'd like to say my author/friend Fay Lamb helped me so much in this area.

Anne: Have you been able to talk to former gays who have been able to "go straight" with God's help?

June: No, not in person. In doing research for this book, I read the testimonies of several gay Christian men who allowed the Lord to transform their lives. Some are happily married with children. My prayer is that I will be able to talk to former gays who've been set free by God's power. Too, I would love for any gays who read Ryan's Father tell me God set them free. You'd hear me rejoicing all the way from Alabama to California.

Anne: What is your favorite part of the book?

June: My favorite scene takes place on Mt. Rainer at dawn as the sun peeps through the thick evergreen forest. If I tell you too much more, it could give away some of the plot.

Anne: Do you wonder if there will be negative repercussions to you from your writing?

June: I've considered that possibility. I've even had other authors say the same thing. But the premise I hold in Ryan's Father is based on God's word. Just as others through the centuries have disavowed God's laws, I'm sure there will be some who will call me homophobic, which I'm not. I love gay people and would welcome them in my church and my life. I feel that when we stand for God's truth, we can't go wrong. Actually I'd welcome this type of criticism because perhaps a seed has been planted in someone's heart.

Anne: Talk about the pitching for and publishing of this book.

June: I pitched this book to probably ten different publishing houses and a couple of agents. All said "not for us." Then Roseanna and David White at WhiteFire Publishing said they'd be interested. WhiteFire is not afraid to publish Christian books with sensitive or controversial issues - subjects we Christians would like to avoid sometimes. I will always be grateful to WhiteFire for taking a stand on this hot button issue. I might say that one of the Christian publishing houses that rejected Ryan's Father published another novel on the same subject. However, in the story the heroine must come to terms with her gay brother and his friend. She is chastised for not accepting their homosexual relationship. I couldn't find that view of homosexual behavior anywhere in the Bible.

Anne Would you like to share a little about your next book?

June: Yes, love to. I have two books I'm seeking contracts for. For All Eternity and Misty Hollow. Here's a couple of blurbs.

For All Eternity. When Joella Crawford meets the handsome accountant, JD Neilson, he's the man of her dreams—polite and clean cut with strong moral values. He's the perfect Christian man. Or is he?

Misty Hollow. Appalachian farmer, Joel Greenfield, must hide a shameful secret from the beautiful anthropologist who whirls into his life. If Molly Cambridge's study of Joel's mountain village fails, her career is over.

Anne: June, I'm so blessed to have you here today. Thank you, and God bless you as you write for Him!
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