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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review--RYAN'S FATHER by June Foster

June Foster has done it again. She tackles difficult issues using a healthy dose of fiction. Whether you agree or not that homosexuality is a heartache, you will find yourself yearning for and cheering these young people who face greater difficulties than most of us will ever need to deal with.

Ryan Reid has a problem. Well, actually two. He has for years battled the attraction he feels not for women but for men. And now Sandy Arrington, the lovely young woman he helps during an earthquake, has fallen in love with him. The lie he's been living is coming home to eat him up. Even with God's help, the problems he faces endanger not just his peace of mind but also his job and his cherished friendships with Sandy and with Greg.

You can find out what happens by purchasing in paperback or e-book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


  1. Sounds like a interesting book. I will have to put it on my wishlist.

  2. You won't be sorry, Deborah. Thanks!

  3. Anne, thank you for your wonderful and encouraging review.


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