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Friday, November 8, 2013

Book Review--SALOME'S CONVERSION by Rohn Federbush

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Rohn Federbush has created a book that is unique in its approach to Biblical fiction. She has taken the Salome who danced before Herod and the Salome who was among the women at the tomb (Mark 16:1) and combined them into the same woman. (Salome the daughter of Herodias is not named in the Bible, but she is named in various historical texts.) She has also integrated Mary of Magdala into the role of Mary, the younger of Lazarus' sisters.

When the fourteen-year-old Salome dances for Herod in a particularly suggestive dance, she quickly discerns that her mother, Herodias, has in essense promised her to the greedy and lustful king of Galilee.

One of Herod's guards over Salome is a young man called Decius. He is in love with the spoiled but beautiful Salome and is determined to save her. For days he's been planning an escape route, and he successfully spirits her and her companion, Ide, safely away.

Salome returns Decius's affection, but he says she is too young for him, and he takes her to the home of Jesus's mother, Mary. Salome is eager to please the gentle Mary and Decius, so she works hard at maturing.

The book is not written as I would write it, but then...I'm not the author! I think it's worth the read. It can be purchased at
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