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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Review--THE WELL by Stephanie Landsem

The Well   -     
        By: Stephanie Landsem

I do love a good Biblical fiction--and this is one great Biblical fiction!

Mara is the daughter of the Biblical woman at the well, Nava, and the sister of a cripple, Asher. Many of the people at Sychar have decided they should be shunned. Nava because she sent her husband away and indulges in things she shouldn't; Asher because he is crippled, and it must be because he or his mother deserve punishment; and Mara by association.

Shem is the son of a wealthy Jewish merchant and a Samaritan mother and the possessor of a hot temper and arrogance that doesn't endear him to the Romans in Caesarea. A fight with two soldiers one night first to protect a woman about to be raped and then to protect his younger brother results in the violent death of one of the soldiers.

Now Shem's father must send him to Sychar, to his grandparents, to hide. Shem is mortified, at least until he catches a glimpse of Mara.

The Well is available from Christian Book Distributors,  Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. Click on the name of your favorite bookstore to go to the link for this inspiring novel.
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