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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--Soft Soapboxes

The English language is a funny thing. If you "soft soap" someone, you say nice things to them to try to get them to do something they might not otherwise do. If you "get on your soapbox," you begin preaching hard to change people's minds about something that's important to you.

I guess what I try for is a soft soapbox. Yes, I do try to get you to change your minds--I confess, that is true. But I try not to be too hard nosed (hardheaded) or stiff necked (self-righteous) or heavy-handed (rough) with you. If I come across that way to you, I swear it was just a slip of the tongue...

What is important to me? In order: God, family, friends, and the world full of people. I do not consider Americans more important than Japanese. I don't consider whites any better than browns. I don't consider Christians any sweeter than Muslims. I don't think gays are any worse than straight folks.

Now, if that didn't get your attention, probably nothing will.

God loves each one as well as the other. Yes, folks; God loves Muslims, gays, and even you and me. All of us have committed one sin or the other or all of them, and our job is not to point fingers at other people and say they are the sinners. God can do the finger-pointing. He's the only one I know without sin, so if He wants to throw rocks, He can.

But I don't think He will.

Our job is like Jesus said: Go tell every creature the good news. Not just the folks you love, but the folks God loves. Remember that one goal, and you will be doing your job.

I'm climbing down off my soft soapbox now.
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