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Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Review - THE HEALER'S TOUCH by Amber Schamel

Days of Messiah - Volume 1 - The Healer's Touch

The Healer's Touch is the first novella in the Days of Messiah series. The approximately 60-page e-book is a quick and inspirational read, and I think you'll enjoy it. It's just right for that wait for an overdue plane!

Aaliyah is a pretty young wife and mother in Capurnaum--pretty except for the spots on her face and body that have begun to show up lately.

When the physician tells her she has contracted leprosy, her beloved husband Tyrus concludes God must be punishing her for something terrible. She is banished from the village to a leper colony in nearly hills, unable to even see her son or husband, forced to call out "unclean" if anyone ventures too close. One friend, Hannah, remains loyal to her and brings her food.

Her bitterness against God bounces off the other lepers and even Hannah until one called Meira helps her think of others beside herself.

There seems no hope for Aaliyah, but Hannah comes one day with good news. Does it come too late?

The Healer's Touch can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Click on the name of your favorite bookstore for a direct link to the book.

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