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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

These ideas have been milling around in my head for about a week. I honestly can’t say if Debbie Arbaugh’s presentation last week at the Write to Inspire Conference set it off or not, but now I’m reading her book, Deeper, and some of the same ideas are in it. So, with apologies to Debbie, I’m plunging ahead with these ideas as at least partially my own.

It occurred to me that we are all pieces of a very large puzzle. We get all carried away with what’s going on in our own small section of the universe and begin thinking our lives are the whole puzzle. God has a plan for the world, and that includes us, but it’s not just us. Stop thinking the world revolves around you. It’s not about you. Stop thinking about what others are doing. What are you doing?
Please don’t think I’m saying you are unimportant to God. You are. You’re as important as though you were His only child. But others are equally important to Him. How does He do that? I don’t know. I’m not God.

If we’re one piece of the puzzle, that means the picture is incomplete without us. We’re here for a purpose, and again, it’s not about us—it’s about the big picture. It’s about God’s purpose. What are you doing about completing God’s picture?

Maybe you could ask God which piece you are, what His plan for your life is. You’re an important piece—He needs you to use your gift or gifts for Him. Everyone has at least one gift, but you might have to ask what yours is if you don't know it already.

Also--please be aware that your gifts can change over time. When you were 30 years old, your gift might have been being a peramedic to help save lives. When you are 90 years old, that might be the gift of prayer. See what I mean?

Let’s complete the puzzle together.
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