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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Morning Devo--Pieces of a Puzzle

On Saturday, I posted on how we are small but important pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle (click HERE to see that post). I think we are also smaller jigsaw puzzles by ourselves.

Physically, those pieces might be the heart, lung, toes, brain, eyes, etc. Each of the pieces is important by itself, but unable to provide all we need on their own.

Spiritually, we are sort of the same. The most important part of the puzzle is the Corner Piece, Jesus. Without that Corner Piece, the rest of the puzzle falls apart.

Other pieces that complete the picture of what we are in Christ are our jobs, our prayer times, our caring for others, our teaching others about Jesus--the functions we perform for Him and for ourselves. These pieces are fluid--sometimes larger or smaller as the need arises or becomes temporarily complete. Even if a piece is small (as in the little toe), it's still important--just maybe not as important as an ear at one time or the mouth at another.

Our job pieces vary from one time to another. For a period of time, our piece might be speaking (preaching or talking to a neighbor). Then maybe we become disabled or limited in physical abilities--and then our prayer parts increase. Let's be like the Apostle Paul and learn to be content and even joyful with the pieces God creates in us.

Prayer: Lord, help me learn and remember my parts in Your plan. Help me to remember that my jobs are important to You and to do them willingly and lovingly. Help me link tight to the Corner Piece. Teach me to be all that You intend for me to be. Thank You, precious Lord.

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