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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - Not now, I'm busy

Okay, folks, give me a show of hands. How often have you said, "Not now, I'm busy?" Or, "Wait until I finish this one thing." Or, "Later, I'm in a hurry."

This world has become a rush, rush, rush place. You know, I don't remember Grandma saying that. Mom did--not that I'm criticizing her. She got more done in a day than I've ever done. She worked--an unusual phenomenon in the 1950s and 60s. And did nearly all the cooking (I did some once I was old enough). And cleaned the house. And kept tabs on my brother and I. I said those things way too many times to my kids.

But Mom always made time when it was important. She had such a talent for talking to my brother and I, explaining why what we did wrong wasn't so great, and getting us to agree we didn't want to do that ever again.

I hope we all will make it a point to slow down when it's important--not just in our cars (although that's important too!), but when our kids or a friend needs someone to listen. It's too easy to say, "Not now," but remember what you are teaching your children. When they have children, it's likely they will do exactly what you did.

Make the time. In the long run, it will save you time--like when you want them to listen to you.

Slow down, you're going too fast.

Lord, help us remember when to slow down. Help our ears to listen and our mouths be slow to speak. Help us show our children that You are never too busy to listen. For Your sake, precious Lord, and thank You.
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