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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - Adjusting the Focus

As some of you know, I've just signed a contract with a Christian publishing house, Helping Hands Press. Right now, I'm feeling giddy and overwhelmed.

It would be pretty easy, with all the congratulations and well-wishers pounding me on the back, to change my focus from God to me. Please God, if I do that, jerk me back to reality. It's not about me, to paraphrase Rick Warren in his best seller, The Purpose-Driven Life.

So many things can change our focus. Getting married, getting divorced, having kids, having kids leave home, getting fired, getting a new job--and the list goes on. You've gone through some if not all of these...I know I have. And there are so many more things that can pull our focus away, aren't there?

God never changes His focus. He is always focused on us. Now, that may sound like scattered attention--and in our finite human minds, it would be for us--but for God, it's easy. For us, it's another story.

Help us, Lord, to remember that when we put You first, we succeed. Not as the world views success, but as You know it really is.

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