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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review: BROKEN THINGS by Andrea Boeshaar

Another great book. Andrea Boeshaar has done herself proud with this one. It's one of her older books, but still just wonderful. Have I ever mentioned I love being a book reviewer?

It's been thirty years since Allie's been to Chicago, but it's time. A consulting job at a hospital there provides another incentive. There are two stepsisters, two friends, and a man she left behind. It's time to heal some relationships she unceremoniously dumped so many years ago.

Some aren't so willing to mend the torn fabrics of the past, though. One stepsister is willing, but the other hurls snide remarks like knife-edged boomerangs. The guy she dumped is not so sure he wants to expose his heart to her again.

While Allie's walk with the Lord had deepened, Jack's had gone down the proverbial tubes. Her stepsisters both needed a dose of the Lord, too.

And then there is this woman at the hospital. She's dying. Alone. Two daughters, but they refuse to come see her. She seems determined to make everyone else as miserable as she is, so maybe it's no wonder.

Can Allie make a difference in their lives? Is there a way to heal the broken things, to bring Jesus into their pictures? Is this why God opened the doors for Allie?

It is my suggestion that you click on one of the store names here and pick up this engrossing story. You won't be sorry, promise. Amazon and Barnes and Nobel carry this and lots more of the Andrea Boeshaar books.

As a special treat, Andrea Boeshaar is offering to give away her newest trilogy, Fabric of Time to one commenter (in the US or Canada, please). Leave your comment below WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, please. Otherwise, how would we contact you to say you won? Also, you have one week to comment--by May 8.
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