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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Is My Story - Heidi Glick Continued!

Anne: A while back my friend Heidi Glick (website: spoke on this blog about how God impacted her life and left us wondering if God would choose to grant her and her husband a baby--either through adoption or by birth. To read that blog post, click HERE. You might say this is the rest of the story.

Heidi: I underwent various fertility treatments, surgery, and tests (including a procedure two days after my father died from ALS). I went through the last procedure our doctor offered, and when it failed, my husband and I went on vacation.
On the way to our vacation, we found out our home study was approved. During vacation, we celebrated Mother's Day at Disneyland. For those experiencing infertility, Mother's Day can be the loneliest day of the year, and so my husband and I decided to go someplace happy for that day. We tried to remember that the following year we should at least hopefully be foster/adoptive parents.
We returned from vacation and attended a foster parent orientation. At the meeting, it sounded like it could be a 4-month wait for a foster placement.
At the same time, I was praying about international/domestic adoption, and I prayed for direction because to adopt outside of foster care meant transferring our home study. I realized that in some instances (depending on the country where one adopts), it could be a 5-year wait for a baby. And at age 34, that seemed like a long time, but I just had to relax and remember God was in control.
That night, I decided to take a pregnancy test, not because I thought I was pregnant but because I'd experienced some symptoms, and I needed to test because my body seemed off,. I'd had these same symptoms in the past and always tested negative, but I knew the first thing my doctor would ask is if I tested And so, even though I was fairly certain I wasn't pregnant, I had to once again undergo the heart-wrenching testing.
That morning I had discussed with someone how I had gained a pound or two, and that person suggested I might be pregnant--which is always tough when you've been infertile. I figured my body was off because of the fertility meds. I took a test, and it was POSITIVE!! The next morning, I slipped into my doctor's office, and sure enough, he confirmed by a blood test that I was indeed pregnant. (As a side note, my husband and I still feel open to fostering/adopting, but we want to take a break for now until our baby gets a little older--because of birth order).

On February 13 of this year, I was just a few days past my due date. I went for a nonstress test. The day before the baby's breathing and heart beat were great on an ultrasound, but the baby moved a bit less. The tech said he was sleepy, and once we left the doctor's office, the baby moved around more.
The next day we took the test, and the doctor said the baby's heart rate dropped some, and we should go the hospital and induce labor. So my husband and I did. Next the heart rate dropped more, and I was wheeled to the OR because at one point they couldn't detect the heart rate. I kept praying. In the OR, they heart rate was located again and came back up. My doctor arrived five minutes later, and 15 minutes later, my miracle baby was born via C-section. The doctor said if we'd came in one day later the baby wouldn't have made it. Thankfully, our baby is just fine now.

We named him Aaron Samuel because we wanted Samuel in his name because it means "God has heard." After my son's birth, I was reminded of Samuel 1:27: "I have prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I have asked of Him." God doesn't always choose to answer our prayers the same way. Over a year earlier, the Lord took my father home to be with Him.

And other times, God allows miracles in our lives, and I'm thankful to witness this miracle. Earlier, I had prayed for beauty from ashes (my infertility and dad's death from ALS), and God has done just that.

I'm so thankful for how God chose to move in my life. I know others God has blessed with families through adoption and fostering. There are many ways in which God can bless us with children.

My advice is to be sensitive to those around you who struggle with infertility. Please be supportive and realize that words can hurt (i.e., "you wouldn't understand because you don't have children..."). And find ways to celebrate all children (host showers for foster and adoptive parents--they and their children--adopted or fostered--are still "real" children).
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