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Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review - TATTERED INNOCENCE by Ann Lee Miller

The superbly talented Ann Lee Miller's books always rate high in my lists. Her books will not be acceptable to the Christian Book Association's standards because they depict the very real temptations and failings of humans--not excusing them by a long shot--but showing us the pain and guilt that results especially from sexual slip-ups. She shows her heroes' and heroines' progressions through and past their temptations and to God.

Tattered Innocence is no exception. Rachel Martin is consumed by guilt and running away from the handsome married coach who seduced her. She applies for and gets a job crewing on a charter sailing boat, The Smyrna Queen, owned by Jake Murray. Anything to avoid Coach Bret Rustin.

Three problems are immediately obvious: (1) Jake isn't the old salt she expected; he's 29 and model-handsome. (2) All the cabins aboard the boat are booked by guests; the only place to sleep is on a bunk in the captain's quarters. (3) She isn't the only one grieving a past relationship; Jake has just been dumped by his fiancee.

Her affections slowly rotate from Bret to Jake, and her guilt deepens to despair when Jake kisses her, no doubt in rebound. He still loves the girl who jilted him.

How can she get past this? She has to resign. There's no other choice.

You can purchase Tattered Innocence from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, or Splashwords in e-book format.


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