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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Author Interview - Christy Barritt

Anne: It is my privilege today to introduce to you a lady who is a prolific Christian romantic suspense author, Christy Barritt.

I have to know, Christy, what inspired the story?

Christy: I introduced one of the characters from Key Witness, Mark Denton, in a previous book (The Last Target). I knew I had to write a book that would tell his story, so Key Witness was born. I had a lot of fun writing about Denton. He’s probably one of my favorite characters from my Love Inspired Suspense books. He’s tough, but he’s got a great sense of humor and he’s not always who people expect he’s going to be.

Anne: Did a lot of research go into your work?

Christy: For Key Witness, I did consult with the FBI, and they answered a lot of questions for me concerning how things would be done if certain crimes were committed. There’s always a certain amount of research involved when writing suspense, which means I always get to learn something new!

Anne: Readers often wonder how a writer makes a character so vividly alive. Do you do character sketches before you write?

Christy: I usually start my books without knowing a lot about my characters. I write the first two or three chapters and see what they reveal to me. After that point, I sit down and figure out their backstory and quirks and fears, etc.

Anne: That makes me wonder: Are you a panster or a plotter? (Note to the readers: "pansters" write "by the seat of their pants"--without planning out the whole book in advance; "plotters" plot out the entire book before writing.)

Christy: By nature, I’m a panster. But since I’m writing on contract now, I’ve become more of a plotter. I have to say, I always have my best ideas while I’m writing the book, though, so I often veer from my original plot somewhat.

Anne: If the book were made into a movie, who would you choose to play the parts of Elle and Mark?

Christy: For Mark, I’d choose Colin Farrell, from one of his clean roles. For Elle, I’d choose Natalie Portman.

Anne: What do you want people to take with them after they read Key Witness?

Christy: The most important message I’d like people to walk away with is that God will never fail or abandon them.

Anne: Would you like to tell us about your next book?

Christy: My next book comes out on March 15, and it’s called The Good Girl. It’s a bit of a departure from the romantic suspense style found in Key Witness. It’s a first-person romantic, humorous mystery about a girl who’s been a superstar Christian her entire life—then her world is turned upside down. There’s where the story starts. She housesits for her sister—who’s a constant rule breaker living a charmed life—and she thinks the house could be haunted (even though she doesn’t believe in ghosts), she falls for a neighbor who’s totally not her type, and becomes friends with a fame-hungry woman who’s constantly pushing the boundaries. It’s a fun, mysterious read that touches on a lot of deeper themes.

I’d love for readers to stop by my website at, if they have the chance! Thanks so much for the interview, Anne!

It was our pleasure and privilege, Christy. By the way, readers, if you'd like to read my review of Key Witness, click HERE.

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