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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - God Nudges

This has been one of those weeks: lots to do, and lots of stumbling stones in the way.

As usual, I had kinda procrastinated. I do the newsletter for our church, and I wanted to get it done in time to distribute on Sunday. So I get to the church and find a printer sitting on the desk in lieu of the copier--not exactly adequate for running a newsletter. Instead of the usual two to three hours, it would have taken probably double that.

You know, I had several nudges during the day to call the pastor or the guy who usually handles copier-type issues about the copier. God nudges? But did I do it? Noooo, I just charged into town with the hubby (did I mention we live outside of town?), thinking I would run the copies while hubby did the mail run and grocery shopping.

Which he did, bless his heart. While I sat and waited for him to come back because (a) no way would that little printer have had enough ink even if the cartridges had been full (which they weren't), and (b) it would have taken, say, until midnight. (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.)

Why do I ignore those little God nudges? You've had them, right? Those times when you know you shoulda gone right when you went left? The instances when you thought you should call so and so to remind them about a meeting or a job and you didn't?

I'm not a kid anymore. I should recognize those little God nudges.

God is good. Sometimes I think he must sit up there on His throne just shaking His head at His children. He could land a ton of bricks on our heads when we ignore Him, but He doesn't. Instead, He lets nature take it's course. We go our own way and run into wall after wall when if we'd just listen He would tell us where the doors are.

O Lord, God of Patience and Understanding, forgive us for going our own way when Your way is so much smarter! Give us ears that actually hear Your voice, eyes to see Your way, and wisdom to know You know. Thanks, God.
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