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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - Attractive Distracters

Our Sunday morning group at church is looking at J. Ellsworth Kalas's Genesis Immersion Bible Study. We've just begun, and I'm so impressed I just had to write a little about it. This particular lesson dealt with Adam and Eve, the serpent, and Cain and Abel.

Rev. Kalas included so many tasty bites I felt like I feasted at a smorgasbord of sagacity. I could see things I had messed up on in the past and how to march in closer step with God in the present. Check out these wise ideas and see if you agree:

* Attractive Distractors: Tantalizing options that seemed good at the time but ultimately proved to be disasters instead.

* In real life, sometimes it's hard to recognize the villain. Eve didn't know this stranger (the serpent) would lie--she'd never experienced lies before.

* One of the sins of the Garden of Eden: Taking the word of a stranger over the word of God.

* When the financial or sexual misconduct of a public figure becomes known, he or she talks about their "mistake," as though they had misspelled a word and sound amazed at the repercussions of the consequences.

* The irony of Cain's sin is that it began over such a small thing, jealousy, and in such an unlikely setting--worship.

See what I mean? Wow, what nuggets Reverend Kalas has sprinkled this study with. I'm going to like this one.
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