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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Morning Devo - Keep Trying

We can't be perfect. We want to be better than we are now, and we will keep on trying. We overcome one bad habit or resist the temptation to do harm and we're one step closer, but it seems there is always one more step to take, doesn't it?

There is a place in the Bible, 2 Thessalonians 3:13, that tells us not to get tired of doing right. It's okay to keep on keeping on, working toward perfection; but don't forget you need to forgive yourself when you don't meet the mark every time.

God knows we're not perfect. There's another verse in Micah that I've clung to for years. "Rejoice not against me, o my enemy: when I fall, I shall rise." Not if I fall, but when I fall. And I have, too many times to count.

I became a Christian at age 28. For ten years I walked in the Lord's path and loved it. But the world has sneaky ways to pull you back, and I fell for all the lies and temptations that I thought I had become too wise and wonderful for. It took another ten years and more for God to pull me back to His side, but He never gave up.

He is so faithful. I fell, but He lifted me again, and He sustains me now. What a wonderful Lord we serve!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You know my weaknesses. Please forgive me and help me back to my feet when I fall yet again. Only You know what it will take to lift me.
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