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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - God's Love

In our Sunday morning Bible study not long ago, Pastor Shim said something that struck a chord in my heart. He said you learn the most about God's love when you love someone who doesn't love you back.

Wow, how true--and how difficult! It's so easy, at least most of the time, to love those who are loving in return.

It's such an angry and suspicious world out there. People hurt each other for no more reason than that they don't like the way the other one looks or the sound of their voice or difference in politics or difference in religion.

Disagreements are easy. There is no one in the world that you will agree with one hundred percent. Dislikes are easy. Mostly things, but also people, right?

How do you love someone who disagrees with you most of the time? And how do you love someone you don't like?

You don't love them with warm fuzzy feelings or even hugs. You love them by what you do--if they are hungry, give them food. If they are needing clothing, then clothe them. A kind word, a listening ear, a touch, a smile--can you spare that for someone?

If you don't have time, do you have funds? If you don't have enough to spare of time or money, maybe you can be convincing enough to get others to help. Everyone has something they can  do or say to help.

What will you do? Or will you only ignore the need like everyone else?
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