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Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review - THE RIVER by Michael Neale

In the process of reading this book, I made a delightful discovery--Michael Neale is also the person who wrote that wonderful worship song, Your Great Name!

The River

What happens to the inner workings of a five-year-old boy who witnesses his father's death during an attempted rescue on The River?

Gabriel Clarke retreats into his Secret Place, a place inside his mind where no one can reach him. Even though he had learned to swim before that, he's now terrified of  rivers, lakes, and even ponds. The boys at school label him a coward, all but one friend--Jimmy.

Gabriel wants to be accepted, but his fears overwhelm every attempt. He loses himself in his beloved marbles and the work on the farm where he and his mother live next to Earl and Vonda Cartwright.

When he is eleven years old, a new teacher comes to town. Lilly Collingsworth is a young and beautiful Cherokee with a knack for teaching and a talent for painting. The painting she bestows on Gabriel on his twelfth birthday is a God-send, one that gives him back the good memories of The River.

This is perhaps the beginning of real healing for Gabriel. He begins to come out of his self-imposed protective shell. More adventures await this young man before he begins to truly come alive, and you can find out what they are by buying The River from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Christian Book Distributors. Click on the name of your favorite store to find a place to buy the book, or click here to discover more about Michael Neale.

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