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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why, Lord?

I don't usually post on Sunday, but perhaps there's a need--maybe only for me, but maybe also for many people grieving today and for a while into the future.

I can only imagine the depth of the pain and shock the families of the children and adults who died yesterday in Connecticut. A newscast said one person ran from the scene crying, "Why, why, why?"

It's a valid question. When horror happens, I think most of us ask why. Why didn't God intervene? Why didn't He stop the shooter? It's enough to destroy the faith of a believer.

Or make believers become stronger, or bring someone who never knew the Lord before to new faith. Why is it that some grow stronger while others wither and die?

God made us. Why didn't He make us better people? Why did He allow any of us to become warped enough to kill or to hurt others? Why doesn't He stop pain and suffering?

He could have made obedient, peaceful humans. He could pull this string or that and make them go here or there and do this or that, no argument. No one would ever get hurt, no one would ever get sick, and no one would ever harm anyone else. But He didn't. Why?

What do you think? How do you offer comfort? What wisdom can you give when grief goes this deep?
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