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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A Kauffman Amish Christmas Collection
A Kauffman Amish Christmas Collection  is a compilation of two novellas, A Plain and Simple Christmas and Naomi's Gift.
A Plain and Simple Christmas: Anna Mae McDonough is homesick. When she and her husband Kellan married and Anna Mae moved to her husband's home in Baltimore, her Amish family shunned her. She could not go home, but she missed her mother, her brother and sisters, and even her father almost unbearably.
Anna Mae begs Kellan to take her for a visit at Christmas, even though she will be eight months pregnant with their first child. He suggests she write to her sister-in-law, Kathryn.
Kathryn is enthused; Anna Mae's brother and Kathryn's husband, David, is not. He fears an explosion from their father. Kathryn prays about it, and when David's mother comes to her sharing the ache in her heart to see Anna Mae again, Kathryn believes it is a sign from God. She goes behind David's back to bring Anna Mae to Lancaster County.
One angry father, one heartsick mother, and one accident later... Well, read it yourself. You'll love it, I promise!
Naomi's Gift: Naomi has a reputation as a man-chaser in the Amish community, Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. Two men have come into and gone from her life. When Caleb shows up with his delightful eight-year-old daughter, Susie, she fights to keep her rising interest in him under control.
Caleb's sister has someone else in mind for Caleb, a young woman who has no use for Susie.
Caleb is a widower. His beloved wife died because he hadn't taken proper care of her. There is no room for another woman in his life. He worries that he won't be able to keep Susie safe; finding a mother for her and a wife for himself would only complicate things.
Christmas miracles still happen, but given the stubborn hearts involved, this could be a tough one to pull off.
I highly recommend this collection; I think you will love it. Both books can be bought separately, but why would you do that when you can get them together? A Kauffman Amish Christmas Collection is available from Christianbook, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.
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