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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Author Interview: Amy Clipston, author of AMISH CHRISTMAS COLLECTION

Anne: Our interview this morning is with Amy Clipston, author of Amish Christmas Collection  (see yesterday's review) as well as many, many other books. I hope you enjoy getting to know Amy a little better; I certainly have.

Amy, would you please tell us the inspiration for the two stories?

Amy: A Plain and Simple Christmas was inspired by a trip to Lancaster County, PA. My editor, Sue Brower, and I spent a couple of days touring the area. We also visited one of my Amish friends. Sue and I were talking one night while staying at a bed & breakfast in Paradise, PA, and Sue came up with the idea of having a shunned character come home to Lancaster to see her family at Christmas. The story grew from there!

My dear friend Lauran inspired Naomi’s Gift. Naomi was a character featured in A Place of Peace, which is the third book in the Kauffman series, and she had her heart broken in that book. Lauran really liked Naomi and insisted she needed her own story. Lauran’s suggestion led to the book.

Anne: I like the way the two stories are interwoven with family members. Have you written other books about the Kauffmans?

Amy: Yes, there are five books in the Kauffman Amish Bakery series, including: A Gift of Grace, A Promise of Hope, A Place of Peace, A Life of Joy and A Season of Love. Each book focuses on different member of the Kauffman family. I also wrote a young adult book, Reckless Heart, which features another Kauffman granddaughter, Lydia Bontrager.

Anne: Do you have a favorite character in the books?

Amy: Yes. My favorite is Lindsay Bedford. Readers first meet Lindsay in Book 1, A Gift of Grace. Lindsay’s mother left the Amish community when she was young. When Lindsay’s parents are killed in a car accident, she and her sister, Jessica, come to live with their Amish aunt Rebecca Kauffman. Readers will see Lindsay mature throughout the series. She’s featured in Books 1, 4, and 5. I really enjoyed seeing Lindsay grow up.

Anne: Do you think any of the characters resemble you?

Amy: Hm, that’s a tough question. No, I don’t think so.

Anne: What was the hardest part of each book to write?

Amy: I think the hardest part is getting into the story and letting the words flow. Sometimes I worry so much about how good the story is that I don’t enjoy the process. Getting the first draft done can be grueling at times.

Anne: I can relate to that. What is the easiest part for you?

Amy: Nothing about writing is easy, but I enjoy polishing my work after the first draft is complete. It’s fun to reread what I wrote and add the details.

Anne: I'm sure you are working on another novel. Would you like to tell us about your next book?

Amy: I’m working on a brand new series called the Heart of the Lancaster Grand Hotel, and the first book will debut in the spring of 2013. Here’s a blurb for the first book, A Hopeful Heart:

In Hopeful Heart, Hannah Glick, a recently widowed Old Order Amish woman, struggles to support her three children after unexpectedly losing her husband. When she meets a nice Englisher (non-Amish man) at the luxury hotel where she works, her world is turned upside down while she tries to decipher God's plan for her.

Anne: Thanks for coming by for a visit today, Amy. I really loved what you had to say about your books. Folks, if you would like to go to the book review on yesterday's blog, you will see links to where you can purchase that book and others Amy has written.

I'm sure Amy would be willing to answer any questions if any of you have some. Have you read any of Amy's books? What did you think?

PS: AMY SAYS SHE WILL GIVE A FREE BOOK TO ONE COMMENTER ON THIS INTERVIEW! This contest runs only through this Saturday, 5 pm Pacific time and is available only to US residents.


  1. Wonderful questions and awesome answers. Very interesting and unique ways of teaching us a different way of looking at life. through struggles and trying times only God can help us.

  2. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!
    Amy, how did you decide/find out that you were going to be an author of Amish stories?
    Jasmine A.

    1. Jasmine--I hope you're "listening" -- you win!

  3. Oh how wonderful to hear how these stories began. I feel as though I am part of the Kaufman family when I am reading these books! Great job Ms. Clipston. and than you Anne for the interview.

  4. Yes, I have read Amy's books! Looking forward to the new series as it sounds interesting to introduce an amish woman working at a luxury hotel. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway book :)

  5. Love Amy's books.Can not wait to read the rest of the Kaufman series.

  6. I really enjoy Kaufman Series !! thanks for the chance to win Amy !! have a blessed day !! Rosemary Foley

  7. Wonderful interview, can't wait for more of Amy's books to be written and printed. Amy you are a great writer. Can't wait to read more of your work.
    Andrea W.

  8. really enjoyed the interview. Amy's books are good. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Loved the interview. I have read almost all of her books.

  10. I love Amy's books. Her characters always seem like people you would love to have as friends. I love series too because there is so much depth and detail. I would love to win this awesome prize. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Productive 2013! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  11. I really enjoyed the interview with writer Amy Clipston.....and look forward to Amy's new book series in 2013.....babyruthmac16ATyahooDOTcom

  12. Great interview.I love your books Amy.I can't wait to read your new series.I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. I too enjoyed reading the interview. And love Amy's books have read several. Looking forward to reading many more down the road. Merry Christmas to Amy and all reading this. Patti in VA at

  14. hey this is for my wife i wanted to enter her in this contest she loves reading about the amish and she has changed since she has been reading about them. i love her so much i know she wont get mad cause i enter her. her name is ida davis and her email is and my name is norman davis God bless and Merry Christmas

  15. I enjoyed the interview and am excited to read about the release of a new series of books! I have read all of Amy's books and they are heartwarming and give me a sense of relaxation in my busy stressful days. Each and every story takes me away to a quiet stress-free place.

  16. Teresa Wade SherokeDecember 6, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Always enjoy reading up on your interviews and enjoy hearing about how you come up with the story lines of the books. I have read a lot of Amy's books and really enjoyed the kaufman series. Right now I am reading a plain and simple christmas. When Amy was here in Dallas for a book signing with 10 other authors she signed it for me, thank you Amy! I also bought several other books that and one day I will get through them all lol. Merry Christmas Amy!

    Teresa Sheroke (Rockwall TX)

  17. Thanks Anne, for this interview with Amy.One of my favorite authors. The first book I won was one of hers, "The Life of Joy". The first one I read of hers was "a Plain and Simple Christmas" from my Library. Loved it! I hope to get lucky and win this one.
    Hoping you both have a Merry Christmas.
    Maxie ( )

  18. I really enjoyed reading your intervies with Amy. She is one of my favorite authors. Her books are wonderful. Please accept my entry in this giveaway. Thank you :)

  19. Thanks, folks, for all the comments. Rest assured, your names are in the hat!

  20. Loved the interview. Read several of those books and reviewed them. Please count me in to win.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  21. I really love your books and can't wait to read the next series. The Amish are an interesting people and I enjoy reading about them. Keep up the good work Amy.

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! to Norman Davis, who won this for his wife, Ada. God bless you, Norman.

  23. We had no response from the previous winner, so a new one has been chosen, Jasmine A.


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