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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Morning Sermonette - Illness and Health

This week I suffered from that mean illness--a cold. A vicious thing, that. Sore throat, fever, sniffling, and coughing; lots of tissues, all night with a steamer, grumbling, and moaning.

For a day or two I wondered if I'd ever get well, but I did.

It occurs to me how fearfully and wonderfully we've been made. Yes, there are diseases that don't have a natural healing, but most do. And there are miraculous healings, but I'm talking about the ability of our bodies to recover.

Cuts heal. Headaches eventually go away. Colds don't last forever. Even without medication. It amazes me.

Fevers are not a bad thing, at least to a point. Fevers speed the healing process (see if you don't believe me, or google healing benefits of fevers). Bleeding cleanses wounds (again, to a point). Coughing and sneezing expells some of the germs, although I would deeply appreciate it if you would wash your hands often and cough or sneeze into your shoulder or into your shirt or blouse.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and or wiser. True of our physical bodies as well as our spiritual lives, don't you think?

Thank You, Lord, for the miracle of our bodies.

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