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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review - THE REBEL'S PLEDGE by Rita Gerlach

In the early 1990s Rita Gerlach began writing this book by hand, green but eager, and didn't quit until she had a 142,000-word manuscript. She published it using an on-demand publisher in 2001, and now, after much polishing, it has been published again. I think you will enjoy this edition.

Matthew Hale is one of the many political prisoners sentenced to be sent to the American colonies for seven years of hard labor - slaves sold to the highest bidder. He is purchased by a good man, Edmund Carey, but Matthew still chafes at being a slave. Within a week he saves the life of his owner, and Carey sets him free, giving him a job managing the plantation books. It isn't long before Carey regards him as a son.

Meanwhile, back in England, Carey's daughter lives a life of luxury in the home of her deceased mother's brother, Lord Philip Wade. She's courted by Lord Grey, and it is assumed they will marry. Not that she cares for Lord Barrington Grey, but he is attentive and wealthy.

It's inevitable they will meet and share many unpleasant adventures before happiness ensues. You may join them on their journeys by purchasing the book from Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.
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