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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review - The Art of My Life by Ann Lee Miller

Wow, Ann Lee Miller. I was impressed by your first book, Kicking Eternity, but this one has the first one beat. Thank you so much for the privilege of being one of your first reviewers.
Ann is an amazingly talented writer. If you have read Kicking Eternity (which by the way, you can download for free), you know what I'm talking about. She grips you on the first page of both the first one and this one (The Art of My Life) and won't let you go EVEN AT THE END. I can't wait for the next book!

Do you remember Cal, the beach bum who makes all sorts of stupid decisions in Kicking Eternity? And yet you glimpse his caring heart?
And how about Aly, whose choices and actions were not exactly aboveboard either? Remember how at the end of Kicking Eternity she knew she loved Cal and thought maybe, just maybe, he thought of her more than just as a sister? And then she catches him with another girl?
This book is about Cal and Aly. Cal had gone to jail for drug possession. Aly had straightened out her life, at least somewhat. At least now she acknowledges that God exists. Cal does, too. But neither of them realize just how much God loves them--He's just the life jacket in case of emergency.
Cal's best friend Fish dumped him because Cal stuffed some weed into Fish's locker--and the authorities found it and he lost his job and his career aim of becoming a US senator all in one fell swoop. And any chance of making time with Cal's sister.
Aly is stiff-arming Cal for obvious reasons. But she's willing to fund a chance for him to make good at a charter sailing business and becomes his partner in the venture.
Cal's mother wants a new and better relationship with her son, but Cal stiff-arms her. He doesn't want to face any more criticism from her.
And then, along comes this shady-looking guy, Vic, who wants a ride to Grand Bahama, now! and hands Cal a check. Aly doesn't like it--she wants cash. Vic promises cash upon reaching his destination. And stiffs them. And then shows up demanding another ride, this time with a sawed-off shotgun.
Sorry folks, that's all I'm telling. Buy the book if you want the rest of the story. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
You can buy The Art of My Life on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Smashwords beginning today! Click on the name of the bookseller you want--each is a link.

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