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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review - MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD by Lynn Dean

I just finished reading this Christian Historical Women's Fiction last night, the first book in Lynn Dean's Sangre de Christo Series. I thought the story was intriguing. Let's see if you agree.

More Precious Than Gold takes a look at the gold fields in New Mexico, 1867, just after the war between the states. Hurt and hatred still run deep between Yanks and Rebels.

Eliza is one of the women who lose men they love during the war. Taller and stronger than most of the young women around her, she is mostly ignored by the male half of the population.

Her father has had a bellyfull of the continuing clashes, and as the minister in Waco tries to bring about peace both from the pulpit and by his everyday actions. Townspeople tend to look upon him as a yankee lover, and one of them shoots him.

When he recovers, he sends his daughter off to New Mexico and her uncle and aunt who live there, hoping that she will find a better, less hate-filled life there. Eliza isn't enthused, but obeys.

When she arrives in Elizabethtown, she is shocked to find her beloved cousin died in childbirth. She doesn't count on falling for her deceased cousin's husband--a yankee.

Eliza's walk with the Lord goes through some serious testing. She can no longer walk in the shadow of her father's faith--she has to find it on her own. Forgiveness comes hard, and love comes harder.

More Precious Than Gold is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback.
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