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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Review - BEFORE THE SCARLET DAWN by Rita Gerlach

I am loving this book, having a hard time putting it down--but I have to put it down long enough tell you about what I've read so far.

The year is 1775. There's this pretty girl, see, the daughter of a vicar in England, Eliza Bloome. Respectable, but not exactly an heiress. Then there's this guy she's had a thing for since childhood--Hayward Morgan. Son of landed gentry. They've got a lady picked out for him, Lilith Marsden.

Well, Hayward is all in favor of Lilith. But he's also in favor of moving to America. He has a piece of land and a home there. And Lilith? Well, frankly, she'd love to marry him. IF he'd stay in England on his father's property. She has no interest in the colonies.

Eliza accidentally hears the conversation between the two and Lilith's refusal to go with Hayward. When Hayward discovers Eliza sitting in the darkness in the same hallway, she tells him Lilith is not worthy of him. That if Lilith loved him she would go anywhere with him.

Boldly, Eliza tells him she loves him and he should marry her, that she would go with him anywhere.

And thus begins her journey to Virginia. She's plunged into colonial life at the beginning of the Revolution with a man who doesn't love her, among colonial women who disdain her, and in the midst of wild Indians.

And now you know as much as I do. You should buy the book, and we'll find out together how she makes the best of this fearful situation. The book is available in e-book or paperback from Christianbook, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.


  1. I know the a person who would love this book.

  2. Dear Anne,

    Thanks so much for promoting my novel on your blog. I love the idea of sharing the journey through a book as you are reading it.

    Book 2 in The Daughters of the Potomac Series, 'Beside Two Rivers' will be released on October 1 in e-book and paperback.

    Book 3, 'Beyond the Valley' will be released February 1.

    God bless your writing and publishing efforts!

    If your readers would like to visit my website, here is the link.


    1. I'm further into the book now and crying my eyes out.
      How could he be so heartless!

  3. You're right. Hayward is no hero. The War changed him. Even women in the 18th century faced abuse and rejection. It was often far worse in the fact they had little rights, especially to children. Book 2, the sequel 'Beside Two Rivers' will tie up a lot of loose strings. Comes out October 1.

  4. Rita
    Obviously, I will have to get the book on Oct. 1!


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