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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Where's a Door When You Need One?

Okay, I never claimed to be an artist, but this way I'm not stealing someone else's picture. In case you can't decipher my hen-scratchings--this is a guy trying to make another door into a house.

The point is trying to force something to happen when it's not supposed to happen. Kinda like saying, "This is what I want, Lord. Bless it, okay?" Now, the guy in the picture may actually get into the place where he's wanting to get, but wouldn't it be easier (not to mention less destructive) to go through the open door?

I have this alarming tendency to try to run ahead of God, trying to convince Him this or that path would be better than the one He chooses. When I do, I run into a wall every time.

I used to live in Phoenix, AZ. I loved it there. I spent a couple of years trying to convince God I should stay there. I knew His path led away from Phoenix, but I kept applying for jobs; I even bought a house, thinking "See, Lord? I'm putting down roots. I need to stay here."

It took Him awhile to convince me His door was the best one. Now that I'm here in beautiful Willows, California, I can see why. Out of the city and the things that so easily led me astray there. Away from "friends" who also led me away from Him. There, I was continually weak in my faith, following the wrong leaders, going where I had no business being. Here, I'm growing. Nowhere near perfect yet, but staying much closer to Him.

Thank You, Lord, for closing that door and opening this door.
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