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Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Morning Devotion - Through the Tears

John 11:35 - "Jesus wept."

The shortest verse in the Bible: "Jesus wept." Jesus arived in Bethany a few days after his friend Lazarus died. Martha and then Mary both met Him on the road and said the same thing: "If You had been here, my brother would not have died."

For a long time, this verse confused me. Why would Jesus cry over His dead friend if He knew that in just a few short minutes Lazarus would walk out of the tomb, alive again?

It finally occurred to me--I believe he cried in sympathy for Mary and Martha. When I'm grieving or sad for some reason, it feels like He cries with me. His arms go around me, and I'm comforted to know my Friend is there, listening and grieving with me.

This past week, two very dear friends passed away. My heart feels heavy. My eyes hurt from shed and unshed tears. I want them to come back, even though I know they can't. I want to hug their loved ones and share their sorrow. I want to share their stories and relive fond memories.

Jesus went to His friend's sisters and wept with them. He cared enough to walk for days to be with them. Will He do any less for us?

Prayer: Lord, please be with me as I mourn. Weep with me, hug me, hold my hand. And then, Dearest Lord, when the weeping is complete, lift me up again to the joy I used to know. Thank You.
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