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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have Mercy!

As some of you readers know by now, I've been working with some others to plan the Write to Inspire Conference taking place July 20 and 21 in Elk Grove, CA (close to Sacramento). Part of that conference includes three writers' contests.

This conference promises to be a really great one. We have Chip MacGregor, a very busy speaker, writer, and agent, and we are so blessed to have him as our main presenter. He's going to tell you how to write the perfect proposal. And--he will be listening to twelve talented writers pitch to him. It's one of the contests associated with this conference. Writers who want compete for a chance to pitch to him need to submit a one sheet.

The other presenter is Susy Flory. She wrote Thunder Dog with Michael Hingson, and this true story hit the New York Times best seller's list within a week of its release. Susy says she'll do one presentation on finding the courage to write and another on how to make your writing come alive.

The other two contests require  submitting the first ten pages of your manuscript and a synopsis (for the fiction contest) or a summary (for the nonfiction contest). Lots of people have told me they plan to enter one or more of the contests, all of which have a deadline of July 1.

As contest coordinator, I'm beginning to have those panicky little stomach clenches, heart palpitations, and quivering knees. Because, you see, we don't have that many entries yet. A few, yes, but not that many. What my stomach, heart, and knees are afraid of is an avalanche on July 1, resulting in many search and rescue efforts. I fear there could be casualties...

I mean, suppose your satellite or browser went down on July 1?

What if the Internet died on that date?

What if our website went down, the victim of some ugly hacker?

What if your Great-Aunt Heddy chooses that date to drop in for a surprise visit?

What if your dog chews through the electrical cord from the computer?

What if a burglar breaks in and steals your manuscript with the vile intentions of submitting it under his own name?

What if aliens abduct you?

Help me out here, contestants. Have mercy. Get those entries in early. By early I mean this week (or so I'm praying) or by next Wednesday. Pretty please?

Thanks, gang. I know you can do it.

Blessings on you all,


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