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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Review - 40 WAYS TO GET CLOSER TO GOD by Jerry MacGregor and Keri Wyatt Kent

40 Ways to Get Closer to God
I learned something a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to know what book to review that would also advertise our Write to Inspire Conference. The principal presenter at the conference is agent and author Chip MacGregor. I asked the rest of the planning committee, referring them to the page on Amazon that listed his books.

There were some books listed by another MacGregor (Jerry), but I felt sure our committee could sort out which MacGregor's books to look at, Chip or Jerry. What I didn't know was Chip and Jerry were both one and the same man. One of the books listed by Jerry MacGregor is  40 Ways to Get Closer to God.

I read this book over the past couple of days. At first I thought the methods he suggested were sorta simplistic (like "serve someone in a practical way"), but the further I got into this book, the more I could see how following the challenges in it would work.

This book would make an excellent book to give to somone feeling like there's no way they could improve their relationship with God (but they still want to) or those who were just beginning their walk with the Lord. Either way--some things you might find you already do. Some might surprise you. And several will cause you to stop and think and grow.

I loved one particular phrase in the book: "Part of growing closer to God is learning how to love Him more than you love His blessings."

Wow, what a concept! Can we love Him more than we love His blessings? I hope so. If my job is pulled out from under me, if the market goes south with all my investments, if I lose my home, if someone I love dies, if I become seriously ill--will I still praise and love God?

40 Ways isn't listed as such, but in my ever-so-humble opinion, this would make an excellent Bible Study. There's nothing quite as maturing as gathering with other Christians and mentoring each other. One may have greater strengths here, another there. Together we make a stronger chord than any person working alone.

Thanks, Chip aka Jerry!

40 Ways to Get Closer to God  can be purchased from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or

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